The Perfect Alcohol and Food Pairing

The type of alcohol at your event should pair well with what you are serving! When you are hiring a Columbus, Ohio Mobile Bar Service like Alco-Haul Mobile Bar, you are provided with experts who can guide you through this process. If you are interested in learning more about food and alcohol pairings to be served at your event, keep reading!!

Once you start with the basics , you can really experiment with different combinations and impress your guests at any event!


Bourbon is a more specific type of whiskey. Aged in barrels, bourbon gives a distinctly woodsy flavor and is sweeter than whisky and has a smoky, caramel-like flavor!

Pair bourbon with grilled meats, especially fatty ones like brisket or rib-eye steak. Cook the brisket on a grill with wood chips for best results! This makes Borbon great for summer outdoor events and can definitely elevate your bbq. There are so many different Bourbon recipes that are show stopping! To be even more impressive you can rent a smoker to elevate your Bourbon flavor!


Whiskey has a dry, earthy flavor with faintly sweet and spicy notes.Depend some are more bitter or smoky. Sweeter brands can taste like cinnamon, caramel, or maple syrup.

Similarly to Bourbon you should pair whiskey with savory meat dishes, two options being grilled steak or smoked salmon. The saltiness of these meals pairs well with savory whiskey. For dessert, serve dark chocolate, specialty cheeses- like aged cheddar, dried fruits, nuts, and apple crumble or apple pie. Utilizing your mobile bar rental to serve a nice whiskey and cheese pairing is a great idea! Not sure what type of whiskey recipes to serve, we can help


Tequila has a dominating “sweet” flavor, making this a great pairing with lighter meals! Think light appetizers or hors d'oeuvres! Very commonly tequila is served with fresh herbs, vegetables, fish, and chicken. A common meal served with tequila is tacos- fish or chicken! The fresh flavor complements the smooth tequila. Served with guacamole with some fresh herbs on the side to bring out the drink's earthiness. The most obvious combination of tequila with tacos and tequila is margaritas, but there are so many different tequila options

If you do opt for the classic margarita, think of renting a frozen drink machine from your hired mobile bar!


All gins have strong juniper flavour, but additional botanical ingredients such as coriander, licorice root, and orange peel can make each brand of gin unique. Gin typically has a strong aroma and taste of citrus because citrus peels are often used in the gin making process.

Gin pairs well with similar foods to whiskey such as smoked salmon blinis, nuts, and meat and cheese platters. Other than that it also pairs well with ginger prawns and berries. Gin is not just limited to a classic Gin and Tonic, there are so many different Gin recipes!


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