Signature Drinks - Elevate Your Event

Signature drinks can elevate any event from weddings to anniversaries, corporate parties, birthdays and more by adding an extra touch of creativity and personalization. Whether you have a full service bar, mobile bar, or any other bartending service you should consider having a signature drink to wow your guests. Not only will having your hired bartender serving a specialty cocktail make your event unique, it can also save you time and money without negatively impacting your event. 

What is a Signature Drink and How Do You Benefit? 

A signature drink is a cocktail that the host of the event creates, that can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The sky's the limit when it comes to customizations with a wide range of garnishes, liquor, mixers, sodas and more! After you craft your customized cocktail you can choose the name, usually related to the theme of your event or the type of event you are throwing. We understand that everyone is not a master mixologist, we created a list of some of our favorite signature cocktails perfect for any event! Not only is the internet a great resource, but a lot of mobile bars or bartending services can help consult you and give ideas on unique signature drinks!  Ask us about our glitter cocktails as well as our cotton candy topped drinks!

Not only are signature drinks fun, they are also beneficial! Here are the top reasons we love signature drinks at any event.

Makes Your Event More Memorable

We know you know how to throw a fabulous event, but why not make it better? You have hired a mobile bar and hired bartenders but how do you make the evening even more memorable? An exclusive drink that your guests cannot get anywhere else! Signature drinks are exclusive to a particular event and guests will remember how amazing they were- plus who doesn’t love being part of something exclusive!? Guests will also be recalling your event mentioning the amazing cocktail they were served!

More Efficient Ordering for Guests

No one likes to wait in line and bar lines can be lengthy at events when guests are excited to party! Eliminating the need for guests to make a decision once they arrive at the bar can keep the bar line moving quickly and smoothly. Pre-batched cocktails are also an option to keep things flowing smoothly.   A long line can also take away the fun of hiring a cool mobile bar, with people being more focused on being stuck in line than the unique fun bar you hired to enhance your party even further! No one wants to spend time at your event waiting in line when they can be spending more time celebrating!

Enhances Your Event’s Theme

Most events, like birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, corporate events, and more often have a theme. A signature drink can tie into that theme and make your event all that more creative! For example, if you are having a “she found her main squeeze” themed bridal shower, you can garnish your boozy lemonade signature drink with a twist of lemon and a cute summer-y straw.

Keep Your Event Budget Friendly

You can have just one signature drink at your event or a few, but either way you can expect to save a lot of money! When supplying drinks for an event or party, you have to purchase all of the alcohol, garnishes, and beverages required to make cocktails. Buying multiple different options is expensive, not to mention a lot of what you purchase will go to waste. A signature drink allows for more focused purchasing, saving you lots of money! Going with a signature drink can allow you to choose smaller garnish and mixer packages when hiring a mobile bar because you will need less options to choose from!


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