Can I Have Kids at My Event?

While I am pretty far from "kid-dom" I am still a kid at heart. Deciding whether or not to allow kids at your event can be an awkward and sometimes morally confusing choice to make. My nephew is my pride and joy, but do I really want to risk him having a meltdown mid champagne toast? It's tough because children can mean so much to us, and yet we must treat them like little ticking time bombs when it comes to important events. You could have a craft table that gets ripped apart in 30 minutes, or blow your budget on a babysitter for all the kids there. Neither option sounds great though.

With the Alco-Haul Mobile Bar, we kept those cuties in mind. They deserve to have fun just like we do. I'd probably throw a tantrum too if I had to sit around and watch my parents talk all night, bored out of my mind. That is why we can provide cotton candy and popcorn machines, bubble guns, and giant yard games like Connect 4 and Jenga. Kiddos can make some core memories at these special events, and they might even provide some free entertainment too!


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